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The Creation of Modern Canada

Can you reconstruct the country after the history of Canada?

Click on the two provinces and territory that joined Canada during Wilfrid Laurier's reign.

ProvincesDate of entry into ConfederationQuick facts
Ontario1867One of four provinces to sign the Constitution of Canada; Ontario was formerly part of United Canada, along with Quebec.
Quebec1867Quebec, a mostly Francophone province, was one of the first four provinces to join Canada's Confederation.
New Brunswick1867New Brunswick, another province with a large Francophone population, was also one of the first four provinces to join Canada's Confederation.
Nova Scotia1867The foundations for Confederation were laid during two important meetings in 1864 that took place in the cities of Québec and Charlottetown. Nova Scotia was the last of the first four provinces to join Canada's Confederation.
Manitoba1870Manitoba entered Confederation in the wake of Métis rebellions in 1869-1870, with Louis Riel at their head.
Northwest Territories1870The Government of Canada purchased Rupert's Land and the Northwest Territories from the Hudson's Bay Company in 1869. One year later, the territory was officially integrated into Confederation.
British Columbia1871British Columbia decided to join Confederation for several reasons, among them the widespread fear of being annexed to the United States owing to economic woes.
Prince Edward Island1873The island joined Confederation mainly to reduce its economic burden.
Yukon1898The Canadian government decided to create this territory to manage the influx of gold seekers converging on the Klondike and benefit from the profits generated by the gold rush.
Alberta1905With the country growing, it became necessary to link Canada from one end to the other. Laurier bought these rocky lands to integrate them into the country, populate them and foster resource development.
Saskatchewan1905The vast prairies of Saskatchewan were a gold mine for the country's development. Laurier integrated this new province and encouraged immigration to increase field crop farming.
Newfoundland and Labrador1949Many debates and two referendums were held in this old British Dominion before Newfoundland would finally agree to join Canada's Confederation.
Nunavut1999Nunavuk, the last territory added, is the largest and covers Canada's most northern territories.